Friday, November 27, 2020

Factors that Affect Driving


A defensive driver must develop and demonstrate an attitude that:

· Shows concern for other road users;

· Recognizes that other road users will make mistakes;

· Knows no journey is so urgent that a safe speed can be maintained;

· Driving is a skill which requires the application of good techniques; and;

· Believes that safe driving requires an alert mind at all times.


An ideal defensive driver:

· Always clean the seatbelts;

· Keeps within the advisory speed limit;

· Constantly scans the road for potential hazard;

· Signals his intentions at all times and;

· Shows courtesy at all times.

The factors affecting the behavior of the driver are the following: alcohol, drugs, and fatigue.


A defensive driver always maintain a safe caution of distance in front and behind his vehicles by: a) observing the four-second rule b) adopting a positive and skilled mental approach.

· Search – the road seen ahead, around and rear of the vehicles

· Identity – the potential and immediate hazard on the road

· Predict – the actions of other road users

· Decide – what to do to avoid an unsafe situation